Transform your body with our 8-week challenge

Introducing Coastal Bodies’ 8-week body transformation challenge—your path to a healthier you!

Mature woman doing dumbbell core work as part of the 8 week challenge weight loss and fitness programme
Older adults training on spin bikes as part of the 8 week challenge to lose weight and get fitter and stronger

Tired of not getting the results you want?

Have you faced the frustration of weight loss struggles in the past? Tried countless diets and exercise programmes only to disappointed by the results?

Our 8-week weight loss challenge is designed exclusively for individuals ready to take the first steps toward improved health, fitness, and overall well-being.

Gain the essential tools to make lasting changes

Setting clear achievable goals

We'll help you set realistic and achievable goals to ensure your success.

Nutrition mastery

Learn how to eat in a way that optimises your workouts, energy levels and metabolism, setting you up for success.

Effective exercise

Discover how to exercise efficiently, maximising fat loss while preserving vital muscle mass.

Long-term maintenance

We equip you with the knowledge to maintain your newfound benefits throughout the year.

Support and guidance every step of the way

Our team of expert personal trainers is dedicated to your success. Here's what you can expect from our 8-week challenge.

Information and goal setting

We start with an information and goal-setting session to get you on the right track.

Progress measurements

We track your progress with measurements at the start, halfway point, and finish.

Nutrition expertise

Learn the Deficit Day System nutrition plan, developed by The Boutagy Fitness Institute, to fuel your journey.

Nutrition tracking

Discover how to use the MyFitnessPal app to monitor your nutrition effectively.

Tailored training

A personalised training programme aligned with your goals.

Weekly accountability

Stay on course with weekly check-ins to ensure you're making the progress you desire.

"The fantastic results I achieved were astonishing. In 8 weeks I lost over 18kg. I feel physically fitter and healthier not to mention the confidence I have gained. The effects have been noticed by my colleagues and friends who cannot believe the transformation in just 8 weeks."

Dean Bowman

Start your trial today!

Join us today and discover the joy of fitness in a close-knit, supportive
community where you'll not only achieve your fitness goals but also have fun while doing it. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and empowered on your fitness journey with us.