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At Coastal Bodies, we offer personalised training programmes with individual attention, support, and accountability in a warm, friendly, and non-intimidating environment. Achieve your personal goals with our experienced female and male personal fitness trainers and health coaches.

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Our Fitness Story

Since our humble beginnings in 2009, Coastal Bodies has evolved into Coogee's premier personal training studio in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Our focus is on providing you with a fitness experience that's as unique as you are, blending effective training with a friendly, supportive vibe.

What you get at Coastal Bodies

When you choose Coastal Bodies as your fitness partner, you're gaining access to:

Tailored precision

No generic workouts here. Our experienced trainers craft personalised programmes to align perfectly with your specific goals, preferences and fitness levels. Plus our flexible working hours mean your training will fit conveniently into your schedule.

A supportive community

Achieving fitness milestones is a breeze when you have your own personal cheer squad. Our welcoming community of like-minded members and personal trainers are here to support, uplift and motivate you every step of the way.

Expert guidance

Our team of certified fitness professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve your best self. Their expertise ensures that your fitness journey will be smooth sailing.


With options for one-on-one, pairs, trios or semi-private training, group exercise sessions, and our 8-week challenge, we're equipped to create a programme that suits your unique needs.

"My energy levels had improved, I had dropped a few kilos, and I was sleeping and functioning better."
Margaret Markham

Margaret Markham

"...and here I am, 15 kilos lighter, more confident and just simply happier!"


"I am now back skiing and running — which I love but have previously not been able to do for decades!"
Robert Gemmell

Robert Gemmell

Meet our amazing team of personal trainers and fitness experts

Get to know the passionate individuals who make Coastal Bodies so welcoming and a motivating place to be. Each team member brings their unique expertise and dedication to helping you succeed.

Passionate personal trainers in Coogee who make Coastal Bodies a motivating, fun and welcoming place for fitness
"Being able to run 20km non-stop is amazing – however for me, learning that I can control how I feel by training has literally changed my life."

Tenar Roberts

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