Personal Training

Coastal Bodies offers an individual the full-time support of a well credentialed fitness trainer One on One. Initially, the client will undergo a comprehensive assessment with a Qualified Personal Trainer to ensure that the program is specifically addressing their needs and areas that require improvement.

Your Personal Fitness Trainer will then construct a tailored program that will incorporate a balance of aerobic training (commonly referred to as fitness), resistance training (weight and weight bearing activities), core stability and flexibility.

A nutrition consultation will be undertaken and a dietary plan will be given to the client.

Re-assessments are undertaken on a 12 week basis to measure improvement and progress. It is our guarantee that improvement will be made in at least 2 categories following our program.

Private Personal fitness training is available in both 30 and 60 minute sessions.

Partner Training

Partner training is available to those who would like to train with a partner, friend, family
member or colleague. Why choose partner training?

  • Motivation – Having another person to compete with and motivate you towards greater results
  • Social Interaction – Great opportunity to meet other people
  • Cheaper session rate – The partner sessions work out considerably less money than a one on one session and can be a great supplement to one on one and group training.
  • Partner Drills – Partner sessions offer a great opportunity to experience new exercises that are conducive to partner sessions.

Partner Training

Partner training follows the same structure as personal training in that there is a formal assessment for each individual. The program is more flexible because it is designed to help both people achieve their goals concurrently. A re-assessment is undertaken at the end of the 12 weeks and both clients’ are guaranteed improvement in at least two categories.