Pilates Coogee

Pilates will improve your Strength, Core Control and Muscle Tone


Pilates Coogee at Coastal Bodies

Pilates Coogee

  • Would you like feel slimmer and stronger?
  • Would you like to eliminate back pain and aches?
  • Would you like to increase your flexibility?


Our Coogee Pilates mat classes are personalised classes have a maximum of 8 participants so the focus is on YOU. Our small and intimate approach ensures that you are doing the exercises correctly and that you will receive one to one attention and instruction. Too often, Pilates classes are ineffective because they are too large and the exercises are not done correctly. Our approach GUARANTEES results and ensures that you will have noticeable improvements in strength, flexibility and muscle tone.

The Pilates class at Coastal Bodies is a small nurturing class so you feel really well taken care of. I’ve tried Pilates before and found it to be too full on. When I do the Pilates class, I know I am doing something good for my body. After a few weeks of the class, I felt stronger in my core. I’ve learnt some easy back stretches which I now do at home. When I am feeling tired and stressed, I can go to the class and feel energised and relaxed afterwardsDeanne Henderson

We have 3 private classes per week that run for 45 minutes.  They are conveniently located in our Coogee Studio. We have classes on 3 evenings per week that are taught by the experienced and very qualified Nicole and Bec's. The classes we have available are:

Tuesday - 7:30 pm

Wednesday - 6:00 pm

Thursday - 7:30 pm

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To find out more information or to book your classes please call 1300 177 119.