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Why choose Coastal Bodies?

Want to find suitable studio for fitness Maroubra? Join Coastal Bodies now. We offer personal training, fitness classes, and eight week fitness challenging sessions for all age groups. Open space, less number of machines, friendly ambience help you to exercise with ease and comfort. We make sure that classes are never overcrowded and all members do not feel intimidated. That’s what makes us special.
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Simple and effective exercises:

Focus on functional training. Coastal bodies’ exercises include Kettlebell circuit exercises, boxing, Pilates, fat blaster exercises are easy and simple to learn. You only need to mimic your everyday movement.

Personalised classes:

Not more that 7 people are allowed in one class. Get personalised session and focus on your requirement only. Enjoy fast and desirable results.

Additional fitness services:

Besides functional fitness training, we offer additional services and help you to achieve your goals. Proper dietary plans, home workouts, special recipes to be taken in between sessions are offered. You will get different community based events. Participate in free Saturday morning group activities that include city surfing, Mt Kosciusko walking session and so on.

Qualified trainers:

At Coastal Bodies, you will find tertiary qualified trainers that offer top class fitness services to all the clients. Our instructors are Certified Rehab trainers who help you to overcome your injuries and get best results for fitness. Our tailor-made services allow you to deal with weight issues, injuries, muscle toning and body building issues effectively.

Customer support:

If you have the tendency to skip exercise, then Coastal Bodies is the ideal option for you. It helps you to increase your accountability. Whenever you skip your session you will get call from our friendly customer support team to inquire about the reason of your absenteeism and even offer best solutions for you.

No joining fee, no long term contract:

You don’t have to sign any lock-in agreement or pay any joining fee. Leave at any point of time and even freeze your membership when you are on vacation or fall sick. It is the best way to stay on track and our guarantee ensures that you will not find any better classes or PT sessions for fitness Maroubra has to offer.