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Coastal Bodies Gym Coogee

Coastal Bodies are pioneer in the field of fitness training in the Coogee area. We have wide range of services matching the requirements of different kinds of people. Our 8 week long programs are conducted at our private gym like boutique studio as well as outdoor locations.

Our fitness facility is located between Maroubra Beach and Coogee. The studio is a very welcoming place for people of all fitness levels and age. Workout sessions are smartly scheduled as a result the studio is never overcrowded. We stress more on functional fitness training, which means our programs are less dependent on machines. The programs have least scope for injuries.

Personalised coaching is an integral part of fitness programs at Coastal Bodies. To ensure each and every member is well attended, we do not enrol more than 7 candidates per class. Some of the techniques we employ for training our clients are boxing, fat blaster circuit, kettlebell circuit, Pilates and many more.

Coastal Bodies endeavours to provide comprehensive fitness services. Once you enrol with us, we make sure you are committed and regular in your workout session.

We also have experts to guide you regarding eating habits and diet plans.

Coastal Bodies also provide community oriented fitness services. We have free training crews for the Tough Mudder, City to Surf and Mt Kosciusko walk.

We are proud to have some of the best trainers in Coogee. All our coaching staff are qualified REHAB Trainers.

Our packages are very flexible. A client can leave a program as per his or her discretion at any point of time.

Be assured of the best services at Coastal Bodies. We deliver what we promise.

We have a variety of services that include 8 week fitness challenges, fitness classes and personal training. We offer fitness services within our private boutique studio as well as outside in a variety of locations. It is distinct in that it is quiet, never overcrowded and members feel comfortable and non-intimidated.

The facilities are clean and regularly maintained and the emphasis is on functional fitness training. This means fewer machines and more open space where the body moves as a unit. There are several suspension trainers (TRX), Kettlebells, Powerbags, Dumbbells and Barbells. This type of fitness training has been shown to be most effective as the exercises mimic everyday movements. This helps prevent injuries and build lean muscle mass as they incorporate big muscles.

The fitness classes offered by Coastal Bodies include Kettlebell circuit classes, fat blaster circuit classes, boxing for fitness and Pilates. The classes are small so there is an emphasis on proper form and technique. There are never more than 7 in fitness classes so the class is personalised and the focus is on you and your technique.

Our fitness training in Coogee not only include training but we also include additional services that will get you the results you are seeking. This includes dietary plans, home workouts and recipes to keep you healthy between exercise sessions.

Our fitness services are also based around community based activities and events. These include free training groups on Saturday mornings for the City to Surf, Tough Mudder and the Mt Kosciusko walk. The fitness sessions are a great way to exercise in a fun and social environment that is supportive and encouraging. The events are done together as a group and there is a terrific celebration dinner afterwards.

One of the main keys of our fitness services is that we provide support and accountability. If you don’t attend sessions then you will receive a call from our friendly team as to why you have been absent and a solution will be negotiated so you reach the goals you want. The team is friendly and supportive and very encouraging.

We have a brilliant team of Tertiary qualified Fitness Trainers that give first class service to all of our Coogee gym clients. All Coastal Bodies trainers are certified REHAB Trainers so we can help train you through those niggling injuries and get you great results. Our services are tailored so we help clients with their weight loss, injuries, aerobic fitness, strength and muscle tone.

There are no lock in contracts or joining fees with Coastal Bodies. You can leave at any time you would like and you can freeze your membership when you are sick or on holidays.

Join Coastal Bodies today and we GUARANTEE you the results you want.